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Fissure Treatment

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Fissures, or tiny rips in the anal lining, can be very painful and uncomfortable. Dr Hemant Garg Piles Doctor in Jaipur, specialises in superior fissure surgery solutions. Fissures are frequently caused by persistent constipation, diarrhea, or birthing trauma, hurting everyday living quality. Dr. Hemant Garg competence assures accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

He provides minimally invasive methods and surgical interventions, such as lateral internal sphincterotomy, to relieve pain and promote quick recovery. Dr Hemant Garg compassionate treatment and cutting-edge procedures are trusted by patients in Jaipur, making him a top choice for fissure management. Dr Hemant Garg’s experience can help you regain your comfort and well-being. 

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What is a Fissure?

Fissure treatment in Jaipur refers to surgical techniques used to cure anal fissure treatment in Jaipur, India. Anal fissures are painful rips or splits in the anus lining caused by persistent constipation, diarrhea, or birthing trauma. Fissure surgery options in Jaipur include minimally invasive techniques and surgical methods such as lateral internal sphincterotomy. Fissure treatment in Jaipur, such as Dr Hemant Garg, specialize in providing skilled care for those suffering from anal fissures, delivering precise diagnosis and specific treatment plans to ease discomfort and encourage rapid healing, enhancing patients’ overall quality of life.

Symptoms Of Fissure treatment in Jaipur

Severe anal pain during bowel movements, bleeding, itching, and discomfort are common symptoms of anal fissures, which may necessitate Fissure treatment in Jaipur. Patients may also have anal sphincter muscular contractions. Surgical intervention becomes essential when conservative therapy fails to relieve these uncomfortable symptoms.

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Anal fissures frequently produce acute stabbing pain during or after bowel motions. This discomfort, characterized as a searing or tearing feeling, is a common symptom of fissures, forcing many to seek medical assistance, including surgery, in Jaipur for relief.

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Bright crimson blood during or after a bowel movement is one of the critical signs of anal fissures. This bleeding is caused by a tear in the anal lining. While the bleeding is usually not excessive, it can be concerning and is a significant cause for seeking surgical treatment in Jaipur.



Anal itching, or pruritus ani, is frequently associated with anal fissures. The agony and inflammation can be excruciating, resulting in persistent scratching. This itching is caused by anal irritation and can be a bothersome ailment for people seeking surgical remedies in Jaipur.


A clear or hazy discharge from the anal region may occur in certain people with anal fissures. This discharge can be unpleasant and contribute to uncleanliness, prompting people to look into surgical alternatives in Jaipur to treat the problem.

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Anal fissures can cause swelling around the anal entrance. This swelling is a reaction to the anal tissue injury and inflammation. Surgical therapy in Jaipur seeks to reduce swelling and enhance healing of the damaged region, hence alleviating pain.

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Skin Tags

Anal fissures can occasionally result in the formation of skin tags, which are tiny growths of skin near the anal entrance. These tags can be irritating and are frequently connected with cracks. These skin tags can be removed via surgical operations in Jaipur to increase comfort.

Causes Of Fissure treatment in Jaipur

Fissure treatment in Jaipur may be required for a variety of reasons, including:

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Dry skin

Skin in the anal region that is dry or dehydrated can become fragile and prone to cracks, especially during bowel movements. Severe instances may necessitate surgery.



Allergic responses to certain chemicals or hygiene products can cause anal inflammation and irritation, potentially leading to fissures.

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Fungal or bacterial infections in the anal region can cause tissue destruction and fissures that necessitate surgical intervention

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Deficiencies in Nutrition

Poor nutrition can weaken the skin and mucous membranes, leaving them more prone to cracks. If dietary changes are insufficient, surgical therapy may be required.

Mechanical Injury

Mechanical Injury

Activities or practices that produce repetitive stress to the anal region, such as aggressive wiping or using rough toilet paper, can create fissures that may necessitate surgical repair


Inadequate Hygiene

Inadequate personal cleanliness can encourage bacterial development and irritation, increasing the likelihood of cracks. To treat this condition and rectify any underlying damage, surgery in Jaipur may be indicated.

Fissure treatment in Jaipur

Fissure treatment in Jaipur includes various treatments to cure anal fissures and other associated disorders. There are two typical surgical options:

Fissure Surgery

Anal fissures are surgically treated in this surgery. It may include lateral internal sphincterotomy, which entails severing a tiny portion of the anal sphincter muscle to reduce pressure and improve recovery. Fissure surgery seeks to relieve the pain and suffering caused by anal fissures.


Proctoplasty is a more thorough surgical technique that treats not only anal fissures but also other anal problems such as hemorrhoids and anal stenosis. It entails removing damaged tissue and remodeling the anal canal to improve function and relieve various anal disorders.

Why Choose Dr. Hemant Garg Doctor?

Dr Hemant Garg is an excellent choice for your doctor because of his remarkable skill in treating anal fissures and associated disorders. He provides piles  treatments in Jaipur based on his years of expertise in the industry. Dr Garg is well-known for his compassionate patient care, accurate diagnosis, and customized treatment programmes. His dedication to enhancing patients’ quality of life through minimally invasive treatments and surgical interventions distinguishes him as a reliable option. When you pick Dr. Hemant Garg, you choose top-notch treatment and a caring surgeon concerned about your well-being.


The healing period following fissure treatment varies; however, it usually takes a few weeks to a few months. Most patients notice pain and discomfort alleviation within a few weeks, although total recovery may take longer.

Fissure treatment is frequently explored when conservative therapies such as dietary adjustments, fiber supplements, and topical drugs fail to offer relief. treatment becomes essential when the fissure becomes persistent, producing significant discomfort, bleeding, or other issues

Yes, a fissure can return after treatment. However, the risk is often decreased if the underlying cause, such as chronic constipation or diarrhea, is addressed following treatment. Aftercare and lifestyle changes are critical to lowering the odds of recurrence.

Yes, with the right therapy, fissures can heal completely. In many situations, conservative or surgical treatments effectively encourage healing, and patients can eventually become symptom-free. However, it is critical to address the underlying reasons to prevent future incidents.

Suppose a fissure does not heal despite conservative therapies and surgical procedures. In that case, it might be a sign of an underlying problem or problem. Further examination and specialized therapies, such as sophisticated surgical methods or specialist consultations, may be required to address the chronic condition and improve recovery.

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